Steve DiPaola is an active artist and scientist who explores AI, cognitive science, virtuality and creativity systems both in his research and art work. View his resume (most updated).

2015: Computational Aesthetics Art Show, Emily Carr University Gallery: Portraits Triptych: Meaning and Process III Vancouver, BC

Blurred Lines, Multi monitor multimedia Installation, Emily Carr University Gallery – co- located SIGGRAPH, 2014.

AI, Creativity, PainterlyRendering

2015: Hidden Pasts, Digital Futures: A Festival of Immersive Arts: Bringing out the Ghosts Vancouver, BC

Woodwards Experimental Theater, Bringing out the Ghosts, 3 monitor and stills work

AI, Creativity, PainterlyRendering

2015: V&A Digital Futures (presented by Victoria and Albert Museum & Electronic Visualisation & the Arts): Reflections of Essence London, UK

Interactive, Networked Multi Projector work, LimeWharf , London, 2015.

AI, Creativity, PainterlyRendering

2013: Tate Modern, MOMA ( PS1): Kraftwerk 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 London & NYC

(Allen, DiPaola) cover art in the museum; our 3D animated visuals were projected during the 9 nights of performances.

2012: Annecy Art Festival (Cae12): Jane Portrait Series: Generative Paintings Annecy, France

Mixing Cognitive & Artistic Knowledge in a Generative Painting System

AI, Creativity, PainterlyRendering

2011: Computational Aesthetics Art Show: Swimming away from Darwin Vancouver, BC

Interactive Installation, with Wall Hanging Prints located Conf. of ACM SIGGRAPH, 2011.

AI, Creativity, GeneticProg

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2010: Emily Carr Gallery / IDMAa: Darwin’s Gaze Vancouver, BC

Large installation in IDMAa’s Ideas show

AI, Creativity, GeneticProg

Related Gallery: darwinsportraits

2010: Tenderpixel Gallery, London: Sparking Computational Creativity: Generative Portraits dipaola

One Person Show

Related Galleries: darwinsportraits, rembrandt

2009: MIT Museum, MIT : Evolving Darwin’s Gaze M.I.T, Cambridge, MA

Featured major exhibition commissioned for the Cambridge Science Festival

AI, Creativity, GeneticProg

Related Gallery: darwinsportraits

2009: Victoria College, University of Toronto : Evolving Darwin’s Gaze Toronto, ON

Large installation at the Inst. History and Phil of Science and Tech lobby, Victoria College, Darwin Festival

Related Gallery: darwinsportraits

2009: Vancouver Science World: The Creative Mind: Illusions and Perceptions & Modern Alchemists Vancouver, BC

Part of a 4 invited artist exhibit

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2009: Cambridge University, Kings Art Centre : Evolving Darwin’s Gaze Cambridge, UK

One Person Show as part of the largest Darwin anniversary conference in the world

AI, Creativity, GeneticProg

Related Gallery: darwinsportraits

2008: New Forms Festival: Manifesto for the Future of the City Vancouver, BC

Group Work

2008: SmartLab/Matrix East Exhibition Space: Bringing Out the Ghost London, UK

A 24 screen multimedia installation

Related Gallery: darwinsportraits

2008: Intersections Digital Gallery, Emily Carr University : Omar’s Act Vancouver, BC

Ambient video: 3D faces w/stochastic noise perturbation, commissioned for the opening of gallery.

2008: Digital Shrine at Parade of the Lost Souls: “someone_who_once_was” Vancouver, BC

Computer still

2007: Time's Up Workspace Gallery: Steve DiPaola: Facades NY, NY

One Person Show

2006: Code - Human Systems, Digital Bodies : Evolved Portraits Oxford, Ohio

Genetic programing based generated portraits

2006: Monegros Festival: Kraftwork Video & Set Installation Candasnos, Spain

Set design for Kraftwerk concerts, based on original computer graphic designs

2006: New Forms Festival: Avatar@ArtCamp: unConference Diatribe Vancouver, BC

Group work

2006: Computational Poetics Festival: Poetics of Image Vancouver, BC

Computer stills - Computational Poetics - Logic Machines and Creative Process

2005: Time's Up Workspace Gallery: Group Show NY, NY

Computer stills

2005: Kraftwerk World Tour: Musique NonStop Europe, Asia, Americas

Video & Installation

2004: New Forms Festival: Muses Vancouver, BC

Ambient video painting using 3D faces and stochastic noise perturbation

2004: A.I.R. Gallery: Wish You Were Here NY, NY

Computer still based on 3D graphics and stochastic noise perturbation. (Sold Piece)

2004: ACM Siggraph Art Show: inside-out Siggraph, LA

Music & music generated 3D computer animation projected in a 6 foot transparent globe

2003: SFU Interactivity Lab Performance Space: The Nobel Wedding Surrey, BC

Real/Virtual performance art: video spaces, Virtual Reality cubes and real/virtual actors - colaborators: Picard, Turner

2003: New Forms Festival: Concerto for Strings and Face Vancouver, BC

Music Generated based computer generated facial animation driven by emotional control

2003: Somar Gallery: Exposure - Multimedia Show San Francisco, CA

Group Show – computer stills

2002: Fashion Inst of Tech Gallery: Ratava’s Line Vancouver, BC and NY, NY

Physical/Virtual interactive performance narrative with 3D VR actors from 2 coasts


2002: Western Front Gallery: Experimental Media Group Show Vancouver, BC

Computer still and art animation

2001: Sigma Square Opening, Sweden : The Magic Cube Malmö, Sweden

Interactive Virtual Cube with 3D VR actors in front of 1000s at the Sigma Square Opening

2000: Stanford Department of Art Lobby: Chasing Alice Stanford, CA

3D interactive performance

1999: Herbst Theater: Tapestry ' 99 Group Show San Francisco, CA

Computer stills

1998: Smithsonian Museum: Permanent Research Collection Washington, DC

Virtual reality interactive narrative art system

1997: Anon Salon Gallery: Contact Consortium Show San Francisco, CA

Virtual reality interactive piece

1997: Yerba Buena Center for the Arts: Virtual Voce San Francisco, CA

3D VR group musical collaboration.

1996: San Francisco Digital Be-In: Virtual Voce San Francisco, CA

Invited interactive VR performance

1993: Montage 93 International Festival of the Image: Claire de Lune Rochester, NY

Featured artist - Computer based light box.

1989: Whitney Museum of American Art: Image World: Art and Media Culture NY, NYC

Contributor w/ Nam June Paik to his 40x40 foot video installation

1989: Siggraph '89 Film and Video Exhibition: Computer Art Animation Siggraph

Contributor (NYIT)

1988: Tibor de Nagy Gallery: Digital Explorations ... Emerging Visions in Art NY, NY

First major group show of computer artists in a NYC gallery – contributed 3 large computer graphics pieces. Co-curator/artist

1988: Atelier Grapoui: Kraftwerk Brussels,Belgium

Art Video

1988: Image Du Futur: Claire de Lune Montreal, QB

Featured Artist – computer stills

1988: Siggraph '88 Film and Video Exhibition: Computer Art Animation Siggraph

Contributor (NYIT)

1987: Zagreb Animation Festival : Kraftwerk Zagreb, Yugoslavia

Art Video

1987: Everson Museum: Computers and Art Syracuse, NY

First major museum group show on computer art – computer stills

1987: Nicograph '87: Nicograph Tokyo, Japan

Computer Art Animation

1987: Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center : Computers and Art Cincinnati, Ohio

First major museum group show on computer art – computer stills

1987: IBM Gallery of Science and Art : Computers and Art NY, NY

First major museum group show on computer art – computer stills

1987: Nouvelles Images de Monte Carlo: Computer Animation Art Monte Carlo, Monaco

Computer Art Animation - Contributor (NYIT)

1987: Center for the Fine Arts : Computers and Art Miami, FL

First major museum group show on computer art – computer stills

1987: Siggraph '87 Film and Video Exhibition: Computer Art Animation Anaheim, CA

Contributor (NYIT)

1986: Parigraph Animation Festival: Kraftwerk Paris, France

Art Video

1986: Nouvelles Images de Monte Carlo: Kraftwerk Monte Carlo, Monaco

Art Video

1986: Siggraph '86 Film and Video Exhibition: Computer Art Animation Siggraph

Contributor (NYIT)

1985: Siggraph '85 Film and Video Exhibition: Computer Art Animation Siggraph

Contributor (NYIT)

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