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Cognitive (AI) based Abstraction

Cognitive (AI) based Abstraction

What is abstraction? Can you use AI techniques to model the semantics of an idea, object, or entity, where that understanding allows for abstraction of the meaning? We use several AI techniques including genetic programming, Neural Nets and Deep Learning to explore abstraction in its many forms. Mainly here in the visual and narrative arts.

AI, Vision, CogSci, Creativity, NPR, NeuralNets, PainterlyRendering,VRWorlds

Deep Learning AI Creativity Research

Deep Learning AI Creativity Research

Using Cognitive Science as a basis for our work, we attempt to model aspects of human creativity in AI. Specially we are using Neural Networks (and evolutionary systems) in the form of Deep Learning, CNNs, RNNs and other modern techniques to model aspects of human expression and creativity. We are known for modelling expression semantics and generation of visual art (stills, videos, VR) but have extended our work into expressive forms of linguistic (word based) narrative.

AI, Vision, CogSci, Creativity, GenerativeDesign, PainterlyRendering, NPR, NeuralNets


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