Face research resources and papers

– very preliminary links and downloads


Steve DiPaola  - steve@dipaola.org  - www.dipaola.org - Jan/03


Rface resources:   - Please do not distribute rface to others.


Rface – face program for downloading is here (3.5MB zip files)


This is the current rface program and data files as a zip. Unzip into a folder on a PC systems with a good graphics card with a  mic and speakers also.


Rface instructions are here. (.doc file) Better version soon.


An rface head in max format is here.


The Law doll image (for Kitty) is here.



Papers on my faceSpace research


face space paper for iv02 - http://www.dipaola.org/steve/talks/infoviz02.pdf


facespace siggraph sketch - http://dipaola.org/facespace/facespace.pdf



Other info on faceSpace


apeerance.com site (was developing parts of rface) - http://dipaola.org/apeerance/



General face ideas:  more coming soon.


Survey paper on facial techniques - http://www.dipaola.org/data/survey.pdf


My Stanford facial course site - http://www.dipaola.org/stanford/facial/




Older facespace work:


facelift web description - http://www.dipaola.org/steve/facelift.html


façade site - http://dipaola.org/stanford/facade


Stanford façade site – http://movement.stanford.edu/facade


Stanford facial course site - http://www.dipaola.org/stanford/facial/


Facespace page with rings jpgs - http://dipaola.org/facespace/