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SFU/FIT Colaborative Design Project

SFU/FIT Colaborative Design Project

Using virtual tools, this was an interdisciplinary, cross-institutional effort in collaborative design, distance learning and virtual performance culminating in a co-designed fashion show and performance.

Character3D, AvatarsAgents, KnowledgeViz, VRWorlds, ColabDesign



An interactive 3D knowledge visualization system that explores a more intuitive approach to knowledge and data visualization. An open source, cross platform programming project using openGL, Python and XML. Now working with Connection's James Burke.

KnowledgeViz, VRWorlds

Virtual CoLab Project

Virtual CoLab Project

Researching how mathematicians (& scientists) using 3D v-environments can collaborate with each other using 3D with rich media objects (browsers, video, 3D models, animation), avatar embodiments and spatial user interface constructs.

VRWorlds, AvatarsAgents, Character3D, ColabDesign, KnowledgeViz



Towards an Interactive Visualization of Game Design Patterns

Tolmie J, DiPaola S, Charles A,—Digital Games Research Association, Vancouver, Canada, 2005.


KnowledgeViz, GamesResearch

FaceSpace: A Facial Spatial-Domain Toolkit

DiPaola S,—In Proc: IEEE Information Visualization, London, pp 105-109, 2002.


FaceResearch, EmotionExpression, KnowledgeViz