With Director Rebecca Allen and team created visual material for the German group Kraftwerk including the album Electric Cafe and award-winning music video, Musique Non Stop. State-of-the-art facial animation software was developed to bring the virtual mannequins to life. Credits: DiPaola, Rebecca Allen (Director), Kraftwerk, and NYIT team. — The work is more recently part of Kraftwerks museum art, stage visual visuals, and customs; including at the MOMA ( NYC) and Tate ( London).

Nam June Paik :: Fin De Siecle II :: Whitney Museum of American Art

Paik commissioned th work (via Rebecca Allen) to contribute to Video Artist Nam June Paik’s major installation called Fin de Siecle II, center piece for the historic first media show ‘Image World: Art and Media Culture’, at the Whitney Museum of American Art (NYC). The installation was 20’x45′ – with 201 television sets with 4 laserdiscs.
Nam June Paik chooses several video artists work for the installation including our work – Musique Non-Stop.   Contributor w/ Rebecca Allen (Director). 1990.

Recently (2018) this Paik work reinstalled as part of the new computer programmed art retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art (NYC, “Programmed: Rules, Codes, and Choreographies in Art, 1965–2018”


Original Wireframe: 1988 Musique Non Stop created artwork.
Original wired heads: 1988 Musique Non Stop created artwork.
Tour 2004-14: Live concert documentation.