Nude in a chaotic world series : Abstracts as a reaction to COVID and current world situation

These abstracts are a reaction to COViD and current world situations. Done in lockdown isolation. Some full abstracts – others convey a nude as ‘humanity’ living through and confronting in a world full of ghostly aberrations. Using both coded AI and hand techniques. I have coded many of my AI systems into smaller modules that can be combined like alchemy potions in a mad scientist lab – so the “by hand part’ refers to a more serendipitous exploration with different ai potions at all stages – that both create shapes and objects as well as palette and style. It is a much more emergent even chaotic process compared to my prior work. Some of the paintings start with the portrait where different Ai systems ( where I am manipulating parameters) create the new aberrations as a reaction to the nude. It should be noted unlike other AI art using GANS on a large pre-trained dataset – my code and techniques are more associated with cognitive theories of the creative process and therefore are varied and modular so the artists can mix and match based on exploratory creative journeys.