Fractured Perspectives: Movement and Light
– a multi camera and 360 degree camera, AI abstraction, dance, movement, spacial performance art video.
by Cuykendall, DiPaola, Muntean & Sun.

In this era of multiplicity, fractured traces of ourselves and others become ghostly whorls of past, future and present times. In Fractured Perspectives: Movement and Light we explore these fractured realities, composed of multiple interwoven identities and perspectives we create in both the virtual and physical realms. We integrate improvisational dance movement, 360° camera technology, multiple traditional cameras, and tangible props with artificial intelligent dreaming-based processing and processed sound. Our perspectives are entangled in an undefined, expanding continuum where space, time, objects, movement, sound, and style can be combined, separated, configured and recombined in limitless fashion. Through our art making process and research we ask: What are these hybrid entities we create and how do they redefine our conceptions of space, time, objects, movement, sound, and style?

Additional AI Art: Concepts, Material and Programming by Graeme McCaig, Suk Kyoung Cho and Hanieh Shakeri.