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Experiencing Belugas: Action Selection for an Interactive Aquarium Exhibit
Journal Article: Adaptive Behavior , Special Issue on Action Selection, 2007
Vol 15, No 1, pp 99-113

S. DiPaola, C. Akai, B. Kraus

Blending Science Knowledge and AI Gaming Techniques for Experiential Learning
Conference Proceedings: Canadian Game Studies Association (CGSA), 2006
8 pages

S. DiPaola, C. Akai

Toronto, Canada

Face, Portrait, Mask - Using a Parameterized System to Explore Synthetic Face Space
Book Chapter: Electronic Visualisation in Arts and Culture, 2013
Bowen, Keene, Ng, (Eds), pp 213-227

S. DiPaola


A model for social spatial behavior in virtual characters
Journal Article: Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds Journal, 2015
Special Issue on Action Selection. Vol 15, No 1, pp 99-113, DOI: 10.1002/cav.1600

N. Karimaghalou, U. Bernardet, S. DiPaola

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