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A Framework for Socially Communicative Faces in Games and Interactive Applications
Conference Proceedings: Conference on Future Play '07, 2007
pp 129-136

S. DiPaola, A. Arya

Toronto, Canada


Multi-Space Behavioural Model for Face-based Affective Social Agents
Journal Article: Journal of Image and Video Processing, Special Issue on Facial Image Processing, 2007
Vol. 2007, Article ID 48757, pp 1-12

A. Arya, S. DiPaola

Blending Science Knowledge and AI Gaming Techniques for Experiential Learning
Conference Proceedings: Canadian Game Studies Association (CGSA), 2006
8 pages

S. DiPaola, C. Akai

Toronto, Canada

Designing an adaptive multimedia interactive to support shared learning experiences
Conference Proceedings: ACM SIGGRAPH 2006 Educators Program, 2006
6 pages

S. DiPaola, C. Akai

Boston, USA


A Methodology for Incorporating Personality Modeling in Believable Game Characters
Conference Proceedings: International Conference on Games Research and Development (CyberGames), 2008
8 pages

V. Zammitto, S. DiPaola, A. Arya

Beijing, China

A Case Study of Expression-based Creation within 3D Virtual Communities
Journal Article: International Journal of Web-Based Communities, 2010
In press

S. DiPaola, J. Turner

Inderscience Publishers