Relevant content for the tag: creativity


Framework for a Bio-Responsive VR for Interactive Real-time Environments and Interactives
Conference Proceedings: Electronic Visualisation and the Arts, British Computer Society, July 2017

M. Song, S. DiPaola

London, UK

Saliency-Based Artistic Abstraction With Deep Learning and Regression Trees
Journal Article: Journal of Imaging Science and Technology, 2017
Volume 61, Issue 6.

H. Shakeri, M. Nixon, S. DiPaola

Society for Imaging Science and Technology

Moving Collaborations: A Critical Inquiry Into Designing Creative Interactive Systems for Choreography
Journal Article: EAI Endorsed Transactions on Creative Technologies, 2016
Volume 3, Number 6

K. Carlson, T. Schiphorst, S. DiPaola

Deep Convolutional Networks as Models of Generalization and Blending Within Visual Creativity
Conference Proceedings: International Conference on Computational Creativity, 2016

G. McCaig, S. DiPaola, L. Gabora

Paris, France