Servet Ulas

Servet’s has a background in 3D modeling and game development. He holds an MA from Sabanci University with a thesis focus on environment design and narrative in video games. He has worked as an interactive art director and as a developer before his work with us. In his studies at the iViz lab, he focuses on the application of genetic algorithms for graphics content generation for real-time environments.

Contact: eulas@sfu

Position: PhD Researcher


BioSensing 2D / 3D / VR Systems

Our lab has extensive experience in using different sensing technology including eye tracking and facial emotion recognition (DiPaola et al 2013), as well as gesture tracking and ┬áheart rate and EDA bio sensing (Song & DiPaola, 2015) to affect generative computer graphics systems. These bio-feedback systems can be used to further understand the body’s reception to generated stimulus (photos, video, VR). They can also be used in conjuncture with other systems such as physical testing and psychological evaluation to help visualize the body’s systems and responses.