Meehae Song

Meehae has been working in various forms of 3D-based VR applications for the past 20 years including manufacturing to architectural visualizations. She has industrial 3D and VR visualization and application experience and have been extracting theoretical and historical VR knowledge to apply in today‘s VR/MR/AR environments. Through her years of experience, Meehae can distil and communicate the complexities of VR today and VR tomorrow to diverse audiences. She has taught at NTU, SFU, UBC and RED Academy.

Currently, she is completing her PhD at the School of Interactive Arts and Technology, SFU under Dr. Steve DiPaola. Her PhD research focuses on generating amorphous 3D environments through one’s biofeedback and psychophysiological measures.


Position: PhD Researcher


BioSensing 2D / 3D / VR Systems

Our lab has extensive experience in using different sensing technology including eye tracking and facial emotion recognition (DiPaola et al 2013), as well as gesture tracking and  heart rate and EDA bio sensing (Song & DiPaola, 2015) to affect generative computer graphics systems. These bio-feedback systems can be used to further understand the body’s reception to generated stimulus (photos, video, VR). They can also be used in conjuncture with other systems such as physical testing and psychological evaluation to help visualize the body’s systems and responses.


Framework for a Bio-Responsive VR for Interactive Real-time Environments and Interactives
Conference Proceedings: Electronic Visualisation and the Arts, British Computer Society, July 2017

M. Song, S. DiPaola

London, UK

Exploring Different Ways of Navigating Emotionally-responsive Artwork in Immersive Virtual Environments
Conference Proceedings: Electronic Visualisation and the Arts, 2015
8 pages

M. Song, S. DiPaola

London, UK

British Computer Society