2019: Pareidolia: Pareidolia

Surrey Art Gallery Vancouver Area, BC, Canada

Pareidolia  2019
2  channel video: 7 minutes, 8 seconds

The art of Steve DiPaola uses pattern recognition software to reconfigure the world around us. Similar to the efforts of the Impressionist art movement, which attempted to replicate the effects of light on the perception of space, DiPaola has created software that is able to transform images into moving patterns suggestive of organic forms or painterly brushstrokes. This process is generative, meaning that the exact outcome of DiPaola’s programming is not pre-determined.

In Pareidolia, the artist focuses on the lobby of the Arts Centre—the space surrounding this artwork. Referencing the phenomenon of “pareidolia,”(the detection of patterns in an environment where there are none in reality) DiPaola’s software is able to reduce the architectural and spatial forms of building’s interior into a series of mesmerizing movements. Patrons and employees of the Arts Centre are shown absorbed into the space and objects around them, making it difficult to identify where one subject ends and another begins.

In this way, DiPaola realizes a holistic vision of the Arts Centre, commenting on the deep interconnections between any given place and the people who inhabit, activate, and enliven it. Simultaneously, DiPaola draws attention to the building itself. Whereas the lobby normally acts as a meeting area, or a blank space in which to arrange artworks, DiPaola’s artwork reimagines it as a place of vivid activity and beauty.

Rhys Edwards Assistant Curator  Surrey Art Gallery

Creative editor: Marie Louka
Creative production:  Meehae Song, Ioana  Sandor
Software: Graeme McCaig, Steve DiPaola

2018: Programmed: Rules, Codes, and Choreographies in Art, 1965–2018

Whitney Museum of American Art New York, USA

Collaborator (Kraftwerk CG art video – Director Rebecca Allen) to Nam June Paik’s 1989 peice “Fin de Siecle II”, Video installation, 207 television sets with seven video channels,  Whitney Museum of Art,  New York, New York. 2018, Invited.

Whitney Museum of American Art

2018: Meaning and Abstraction: AI based multi-monitor video work

Gallery of Centre de Design @ UQAM Montreal, Canada


2018: Fractured Perspectives: Movement and Light

EVA Gallery, Covent Gardens London, UK

Multi -camera and 360 abstract film combining dancers, material and AI,  British Computer Society/EVA Gallery, Covent Gardens, London, UK, with Cuykendall, DiPaola, Muntean & Sun,2017.  Juried.

2015: Computational Aesthetics Art Show: Portraits Triptych: Meaning and Process III

Emily Carr University Gallery Vancouver, BC, Canada

Blurred Lines, Multi monitor multimedia Installation, Emily Carr University Gallery – co- located SIGGRAPH, 2014.

2015: Hidden Pasts, Digital Futures: Bringing out the Ghosts

A Festival of Immersive Arts Vancouver, BC, Canada

Woodwards Experimental Theater, Bringing out the Ghosts, 3 monitor and stills work

2015: V&A Digital Futures: Reflections of Essence

Presented by Victoria and Albert Museum & Electronic Visualisation & the Arts London, UK

Interactive, Networked Multi Projector work, LimeWharf , London, 2015.

2013: Tate Modern, MOMA (PS1): Kraftwerk 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

London, UK & NYC, USA

Cover art in the museum; our 3D animated visuals were projected during the 9 nights of performances.

2012: Jane Portrait Series: Generative Paintings

Annecy Art Festival (Cae12) Annecy, France

Mixing Cognitive & Artistic Knowledge in a Generative Painting System

2011: Computational Aesthetics Art Show: Swimming away from Darwin

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Interactive Installation, with Wall Hanging Prints located Conf. of ACM SIGGRAPH, 2011

Darwin's Portraits

2010: IDMAa: Darwin's Gaze

Emily Carr Gallery Vancouver, BC, Canada

Large installation in IDMAa’s Ideas show

Darwin's Portraits

2010: Sparking Computational Creativity: Generative Portraits dipaola

Tenderpixel Gallery London, UK

One Person Show

Darwin's Portraits Rembrandt Tenderpixel Gallery

2009: M.I.T.: Evolving Darwin's Gaze

M.I.T Museum Cambridge, MA, USA

Featured major exhibition commissioned for the Cambridge Science Festival


2009: Evolving Darwin's Gaze: Evolving Darwin's Gaze

Victoria College, University of Toronto Toronto, ON, Canada

Large installation at the Inst. History and Phil of Science and Tech lobby, Victoria College, Darwin Festival

Darwin's Portraits Gallery

2009: The Creative Mind: Illusions and Perceptions & Modern Alchemists

Vancouver Science World Vancouver, BC, Canada

Part of a 4 invited artist exhibit

Darwin's Portraits Gallery Still Series III Gallery

2009: Kings Art Centre: Evolving Darwin's Gaze 

Cambridge University Cambridge, UK

One Person Show as part of the largest Darwin anniversary conference in the world

Darwin's Portraits Gallery

2008: New Forms Festival: Manifesto for the Future of the City 

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Group Work

2008: SmartLab/Matrix East Exhibition Space: Bringing Out the Ghost

London, UK

A 24 screen multimedia installation.

 Darwin's Portraits Gallery

2008: Intersections Digital Gallery: Omar's Act

Emily Carr University Vancouver, BC, Canada

Ambient video: 3D faces w/stochastic noise perturbation, commissioned for the opening of gallery.

2008: Parade of the Lost Souls: someone_who_once_was

Digital Shrine Vancouver, BC, Canada

Computer still.

2007: Time’s Up Workspace Gallery: Steve DiPaola: Facades


One Person Show.

2006: Digital Bodies: Evolved Portraits

Code - Human Systems Oxford, Ohio, USA

Genetic programing based generated portraits

2006: Monegros Festival: Kraftwork Video & Set Installation 

Candasnos, Spain

Set design for Kraftwerk concerts, based on original computer graphic designs

2006: Avatar@ArtCamp: unConference Diatribe

New Forms Festival Vancouver, BC, Canada

Group work.

2006: Computational Poetics Festival: Poetics of Image

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Computer stills – Computational Poetics – Logic Machines and Creative Process.

2005: Time’s Up Workspace Gallery: Group Show


Computer stills.

2005: Kraftwerk World Tour: Musique NonStop

Europe, Asia, Americas

Video & Installation.

2004: New Forms Festival: Muses

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Ambient video painting using 3D faces and stochastic noise perturbation

2004: A.I.R. Gallery: Wish You Were Here


Computer still based on 3D graphics and stochastic noise perturbation. (Sold Piece)

2004: ACM Siggraph Art Show: inside-out


Music & music generated 3D computer animation projected in a 6 foot transparent globe

2003: SFU Interactivity Lab Performance Space: The Nobel Wedding

Surrey, BC, Canada

Real/Virtual performance art: video spaces, Virtual Reality cubes and real/virtual actors

2003: New Forms Festival: Concerto for Strings and Face

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Music Generated based computer generated facial animation driven by emotional control

2003: Somar Gallery: Exposure - Multimedia Show

San Francisco, CA, USA

Group Show computer stills

2002: Fashion Inst of Tech Gallery: Ratava's Line

Vancouver, BC, Canada & NY, NY, USA

Physical/Virtual interactive performance narrative with 3D VR actors from 2 coasts

2002: Western Front Gallery: Experimental Media Group Show

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Computer still and art animation

2001: Sigma Square Opening: The Magic Cube

Malm, Sweden

Interactive Virtual Cube with 3D VR actors in front of 1000s at the Sigma Square Opening

2000: Stanford Department of Art Lobby: Chasing Alice

Stanford, CA, USA

3D interactive performance

1999: Herbst Theater: Tapestry ‘ 99 Group Show

San Francisco, CA, USA

Computer stills

1998: Smithsonian Museum: Permanent Research Collection

Washington, DC, USA

Virtual reality interactive narrative art system

1997: Anon Salon Gallery: Contact Consortium Show

San Francisco, CA, USA

Virtual reality interactive piece

1997: Yerba Buena Center for the Arts: Virtual Voce

San Francisco, CA, USA

3D VR group musical collaboration.

1996: San Francisco Digital Be-In: Virtual Voce

San Francisco, CA, USA

Invited interactive VR performance

1993: International Festival of the Image: Claire de Lune

Montage 93 Rochester, NY, USA

Featured artist – Computer based light box.

1989: Whitney Museum of American Art: Image World: Art and Media Culture


Contributor w/ Nam June Paik to his 40×40 foot video installation

1989: Siggraph '89 Film and Video Exhibition: Computer Art Animation Siggraph

Contributor (NYIT)

1988: Tibor de Nagy Gallery: Digital Explorations … Emerging Visions in Art


First major group show of computer artists in a NYC gallery – contributed 3 large computer graphics pieces. Co-curator/artist

1988: Atelier Grapoui: Kraftwerk

Brussels, Belgium

Art Video

1988: Image Du Futur: Claire de Lune

Montreal, QB, Canada

Featured Artist – computer stills

1988: Siggraph '88 Film and Video Exhibition: Computer Art Animation Siggraph

Contributor (NYIT)

1987: Zagreb Animation Festival: Kraftwerk

Zagreb, Yugoslavia

Art Video

1987: Everson Museum: Computers and Art

Syracuse, NY, USA

First major museum group show on computer art – computer stills

1987: Nicograph ’87: Nicograph

Tokyo, Japan

Computer Art Animation

1987: Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center: Computers and Art

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

First major museum group show on computer art – computer stills

1987: IBM Gallery of Science and Art: Computers and Art


First major museum group show on computer art – computer stills

1987: Nouvelles Images de Monte Carlo: Computer Animation Art

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Computer Art Animation – Contributor (NYIT)

1987: Center for the Fine Arts: Computers and Art

Miami, FL, USA

First major museum group show on computer art – computer stills

1987: Siggraph '87 Film and Video Exhibition: Computer Art Animation

Anaheim, CA, USA

Contributor (NYIT)

1986: Parigraph Animation Festival: Kraftwerk

Paris, France

Art Video

1986: Nouvelles Images de Monte Carlo: Kraftwerk

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Art Video

1986: Siggraph '86 Film and Video Exhibition: Computer Art Animation

Contributor (NYIT)

1985: Siggraph '85 Film and Video Exhibition: Computer Art Animation

Contributor (NYIT)