Musique Non Stop

Kraftwerk Art Video & Visual Material

Created all visual material for the album Electric Cafe by the German group Kraftwerk including the classic, award-winning music video, Musique Non Stop. State-of-the-art facial animation software was developed to bring the virtual mannequins to life.
The work is acknowledged for its unique aesthetic from both fine art and popular culture venues. It was aired frequently on international music video programs while also exhibited internationally in galleries and museums.
Credits: DiPaola, Rebecca Allen (Director), Kraftwerk, and others.

Kraftwerk cover: cover art work. Kraftwerk still: art video still. Kraftwerk work: DiPaola, Wolfgang Head, Rebecca Allen. Wolfgang head: Fiducial cube setup for extracting 3D points. Artwork: We created over 50 still images of the virtual band which became the band's public personas for years. music video

Character3D, FaceResearch

Theme of Secrets

Music - Art Video

Created early 3D animation segments for art music videos by Peter Baumann and Eddie Jobson with Private Music. With Rebecca Allen (Director), and Robert McDermott, Music Eddie Jobson

Theme of secrets 1 : Still from video. Theme of secrets 2: Still from video. Theme of secrets 3: Still from video. music video